My work spans a variety of topics, including locomotive robots, soft materials, design optimization, spacecraft design and 3D printed prosthetics. Find out more about my work below.


Origami-Inspired Swimmers, University of Pennsylvania

Currently, I am designing soft, origami-inspired locomotive swimming robots applied to tasks in exploration, search & rescue and manipulation. Check back soon for updates regarding this project!


ADEPT Hand, Organic Robotics Lab, Cornell University

I designed, integrated and tested a tendon-driven, 6 DOF soft prosthetic hand that uses a novel elastomeric passive transmission (EPT) system for high performance grasping and manipulation. The hand and transmissions are 3D printed via projection stereolithography, and provides enhanced grasping forces (~32 N forces per finger) without compromising grasping speeds (~0.5 seconds). The entire hand is manufactured using elastomeric and rigid polyurethanes from Carbon3D.

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CRYOSAT, Senior Design Thesis, SSDS, Cornell University

As a part of my senior design project at Cornell, I have developed (along with two collaborators) the characteristics and requirements for a cryogenic spacecraft that will function at, or below the temperature of liquid nitrogen. We have generated a detailed analysis of the power, thermal, structures, and science subsystems that could exist on a cryogenic spacecraft, and the specific components that exist or need further development to enable a cryogenic design. Such a design could revolutionize space travel, as it would eliminate power and mass-based constraints that prevent cryogenic operation.